Independent film:: A New Year Re:solution

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After an incredible 2012 it is time to look forward at the challenges and opportunities of 2013. The story of this new year is yet to be defined. I have spent the last few days thinking about what is to come. I am excited for it. I am more than a little scared by it…. Read more »

FILM: ornana


A month ago, I left New York—drove from Brooklyn sixteen hours straight to Peachtree City, Georgia. When I pulled up, a few of my favorite people were on the back porch of a normally quiet suburban house. We were gathered to film another ornana short…. Read more »

FILM: My Heart is an Idiot

I’m always excited whenever Portland filmmaker David Meiklejohn releases a new project out into the world. He’s a multi-talented writer, director, poet, and storyteller (his short story Gardens is featured in Exit Strata: Print! No. #1). We’ve have known each other more for than a decade now, having met at the Live Poets Society (now… Read more »

Notes on Biology

“Notes on Biology” is an award-winning animation from our friends at Ornana Films…. Read more »


Our very own poetry editor Ben Wiessner is not only a fabulous poet (and a hell of southern gentlemen), but he’s also an independent filmmaker and screen writer with Ornana Films. With director Danny Madden at the helm, the Ornana team has released their first feature film Euphonia, hopefully this fall. Check out the film… Read more »