SOUND: Transmission, a radio play


Exit Strata presents… Transmission, a radio play : Written by Samuel J. Lilly (Symphony of Sound) & D.A. Wright (Story/Libretto) : Performed by Michael O’Brien… Read more »

Spoken Word / Music, Underground: Penny’s Open Mic in NYC

Penny's Open Mic

Every Tuesday night for the past five years, Penny Pollak (playwright and contributor to Exit Strata: Print! No. #1) has hosted Penny’s Open Mic in the East Village. And every week, a freak scene of musicians, storytellers, comedians, and performance artists descends into the basement theater of Under St. Marks for what is arguably the… Read more »

SOUND: Billy Libby “Pitter Patter” EP


For those of you missed our Exit Strata: Print! No. #1 launch party, you also missed out on a rare acoustic session by singer/songwriter Billy Libby (although thankfully you can check out a video clip of the performance here). Billy Libby’s amazing voice and unique blend of indie rock/folk is addictive to say the least;… Read more »

SOUND: :27 Kiss Video & the Small Rock of ADC

Another Saturday night in Astoria for the band ADC. :27 Kiss is the first music video from their recent EP.
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Audio Beat: “The Show” by Mike Milazzo