WORD: Get Your Lit Crawl On (NYC Style)!


Fall is here, the weather is breezy, and it’s high time to slip on your 1940s vintage frames and that tweed jacket with the elbow patches and come out for Lit Crawl NYC this weekend…. Read more »

FICTION: Gardens by David Meiklejohn [excerpt]

We stopped going to school after our parents died.  Grieving would distract us from our lessons, we reasoned.  Who could be expected to learn cursive while under such duress?  And because evading the army of replacement parents occupied much of our time, no one could reach us to prove otherwise. Friends were the new enemies.  We spent our evenings… Read more »

Poem: What Great Troubleshot Fauna We’ve Become by Peter Milne Greiner

I boycott his atoms / after a glissade of bunk attempts / then laud their inky, mobile / residuum again. / The ingredients of / the music are my mimic falsetto / and the sound of a door locking / and unlocking and locking. / This capotasto he handsignals / from god knows where is / really a chokechain muffling… Read more »

Poem: Foyer by Frank Ortega

You will wait here forever with the rabbit. / The same one, remember, when the nurse in Germany / told your mother it died, / piercing the needle in much too hard, hissing / “Have you seen the ruins of the Opera House?”… Read more »