SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED… We are forever grateful to all our print and web contributors.


We are CURRENTLY soliciting short fiction, poetry, artwork (and other genre defying acts of 2-dimensional splendor) for our fourth print issue through March of 2014. We want your best, most original works. If your question begins “but do you publish _______?” the answer is probably YES (as long as it’s, yknow, awesome). Music? Yesma’am. Your one-act? Thank you kindly. Mathematical formula? Manifesto? Cypher? Foreign languages, real or invented, with or without translation? Please and thank you. …why NOT??? Anything that fits, we print.

Along those lines – do please review the archive to orient yourself to the energy of our community and the type of work we publish and encourage, as well as to the work of our Collaborative Salon. Please feel free to submit collaborative projects! We are interested in process as well as product — tell us the how as well as the what!

It is crucial that you understand when submitting to EXIT STRATA that we are not a traditional publication regarding “the page” — we encourage in our selves and in our collaborators/contributors a willingness to PLAY therein: this may mean that we use unusual graphic design, overlay your work with other art or literature, and generally that publication in The OS is the opposite of staid and formal. Please don’t approach with preciousness.

On the other hand, we take *very* seriously the tone and intention of each accepted piece. If anything, it is our utmost goal to design a page that creates for its audience the most direct experience of the piece in its essence. Think of it as page-whispering.

We will always consult with a contributor if we wish to make substantive changes in form or content — understanding that a few spaces in a poem can, indeed, be drastic. We respect you and your work, we just want all of us to be our best selves.

This also means that as an accepted contributor, you gain entry into a select cadre of creative individuals who participate in our CoCo Salons — where we skill swap, co-educate, mindmeld and create collaborative content none of us could do alone.

For consideration, please send a brief description of who you are and what you’re submitting to:

We don’t need to categorize your genre and neither do you. What we DO need is a clear title, preferred Author Name, and information about publication or inclusion in other media, and/or simultaneous submission. 

Trust that we will do our best to get back in touch with all who submit within a reasonable amount of time, and that when that happens you will receive personal attention from our editorial staff, every time.

Please resist the urge to harass us if you don’t hear back right away!
It is safe to assume we are drowning and dying to get back to you but simply haven’t had a second.

We love you. Don’t despair.