Exit Strata: PRINT! Vol. 2 :: Launch & Party!

We are excited to announce the publication of Exit Strata: Print! Vol. 2, coming soon to a bookstore near you. Our second print issue of Exit Strata includes an incredible collection of poetry, fiction, play excerpts, prose, and conceptual work from artists in a wide range of mediums and from all over the world. We couldn’t be more pleased with our wonderful contributors (such as artist Justin Richel, whose oil painting “Unleashed”... Read More

SOUND: Billy Libby “Pitter Patter” EP

For those of you missed our Exit Strata: Print! No. #1 launch party, you also missed out on a rare acoustic session by singer/songwriter Billy Libby (although thankfully you can check out a video clip of the performance here). Billy Libby’s amazing voice and unique blend of indie rock/folk is addictive to say the least; his haunting melodies get stuck your head for days, so listener beware. Between teaching grieving children the beauty of song-writing... Read More

FICTION: Gardens by David Meiklejohn [excerpt]

We stopped going to school after our parents died.  Grieving would distract us from our lessons, we reasoned.  Who could be expected to learn cursive while under such duress?  And because evading the army of replacement parents occupied much of our time, no one could reach us to prove otherwise. Friends were the new enemies.  We spent our evenings locking the deadbolt, checking the peephole, latching the chain. People came by often, and... Read More

Poem: What Great Troubleshot Fauna We’ve Become by Peter Milne Greiner

I boycott his atoms   after a glissade of bunk attempts then laud their inky, mobile   residuum again.   The ingredients of the music are my mimic falsetto   and the sound of a door locking   and unlocking and locking.   This capotasto he handsignals from god knows where is   really a chokechain muffling   what taste I have left of him.   ‘What can I say,’ I picture him saying, ‘I blackball and revere,   make... Read More