What is ‘Exit Strata’?

What is ‘Exit Strata’? Well, it’s a little Dada, so to speak.

Exit Strata was born out of our desire to produce an art/lit magazine — one that’s a postmodern take on the traditional literary magazine as well as a parody on everything that is a consumer magazine. Exit Strata is absurd, necessarily, and is also predicated on harmonious tension: we strive for a 50/50 split between art and literature, often merging the two through collaboration between artists and writers, all playing with the left/right, two-page spread of books (both vertically in the juxtaposition of two pages, and horizontally across the fold) and what can only be done with a book in its hard-copy print form, reinvented between the margins.

But to understand Exit Strata as merely a magazine would hurt its feelings. Exit Strata is a strategy, a process, a community, a creative approach to living life and leaving a trail behind you. Any publications associated with Exit Strata (or its varied eXsT sTraTum) are most accurately described as documentation; of an archive of the production of eXsT which can be replicated in two dimensions. But the sTraTa could never be confined to two dimensions, nor to the timespace limitations of the page;quietly growing in a chrysalis of 0′s and 1′s, and presented to you here on this interweb playground;which will provide a constant stream of content, a place for meeting, discovering, and sharing.

This online home (the eXsT weB) will offer exclusive online content from artists, filmmakers, musicians, performers, and writers, as well as in depth profiles of the creators who make up our global community, across a wide range of disciplines.

Exit Strata Issue #1 closed submissions in October 2011, and will hit the presses in spring 2012. Open call for Exit Strata Issue #2 submissions is CURRENTLY OPEN! THROUGH JUNE of 2012. (See Submissions page for guidelines.)

If you are an audio, filmic, or other performer/creator/polymath who feels they would best be suited for webcontent or otherwise wishes to contact our staff (accolades and financial backing are particularly welcome!) you can do so at


ONWARD! We’re excited you’re here.